Where Fans’ Dreams Come True.
The world’s first entertainment commerce destination, serving fans of all ages through a truly dedicated Lifestyle Shopping Channel...a must-have in-demand products and services gateway for all things Music/Movies/TV/Gaming.

The Opportunity

Fans Are Fanatics

They’re all about showing off their brand love. And that love is good for business. The more merchandise they can acquire, the closer the connection with their favorite celebrity, but the reality is that their wants and needs for celebrity-branded merchandise are incredibly under-served!

Home Shopping Phenomenon

Home Shopping in the U.S. is a merchandising and commerce phenomenon generating more than $24 billion in revenue each year. It’s a 24-hours-a-day shopping mall without a parking problem, without a dress code, and without anyone slowing down the driving force behind this incredible product pipeline.

$280+ Billion Marketplace

Global retail sales of licensed merchandise, such as products bearing images of or references to music, movie, TV, and video game celebrities, rose 3.2 percent to $280.3 billion in 2018. The size of the global market is on the rise and is showing strength as the industry expands into new corners of the world

A Fan Lifestyle Connection
Now, for the first time music, movie, TV, and gaming fans can have all they’re looking for in one place - an unprecedented entertainment/home-shopping platform that will ignite the passions of fans, celebrities, fanatics and culture hounds, bringing them closer to the lifestyles they admire and the merchandise they crave.
  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Collectibles
  • Toys/Characters
  • Gaming Equipment & Accessories
  • Print Media
  • Live Events
BANG Network
BANG is delivered via an integrated, multi-platform media network and revolutionary social media component – creating reach and influence crossing nearly all age groups, ethnicities, income levels and genders...available ondemand, every minute of the day, as they wish:
  • BANGtv
  • BANGweb
  • BANGapp
  • BANGon

Giving Back

Long Term Charity Commitment

BANG supports multiple charities by committing a percentage of each transaction driven through all of its gateway platforms and directed to the charity of choice by The Foundation for World Harmony, a 501(C) (3) charity:


BANG customers can also elect to participate in a variety of auctions and winners will be invited to a lunch, dinner, and/or spend the day at a very special event with their favorite celebrity. The funds collected will be equally divided between the celebrity’s charity and the auction winner’s charity.

BANG plans include hosting a major annual charitable event in which all of the selected charities over the course of the year will be identified and the amounts secured for each will be presented.

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