BANG Network

BANG is delivered via an integrated, multi-platform media network and revolutionary social media component – creating reach and influence crossing nearly all age groups, ethnicities, income levels and genders…available ondemand, every minute of the day, as they wish.


BANGtv is a departure from traditional home shopping networks, both from a programming perspective and from its business model and product offering perspective. BANGtv is the next logical step in the home shopping frontier – an evolutionary advancement in digital commerce that offers dramatic, exclusive innovation in entertainment-oriented programming design, new retail methodologies and time-shifted multi-platform programming delivery.

BANGtv offers a unique twist by combining the best of home shopping and talk shows formats. The result is programming and merchandising product-for-sale content that is entertaining and engaging for all ages, with a very strong appeal toward millennials and GenY’s who must have the products they want in their lifestyle on-demand.


While BANGtv is the voice of the BANG branded enterprise – the fan fanatic attention-getter. BANGweb is the lead ‘gateway’ to all things entertainment lifestyle—for fans can find and purchase with their BANGweb shopping carts. BANGweb is the online destination – the functional center of the overall BANG universe – the action platform through which a sizable percentage of television sales activities will also occur.

BANGweb is the axis of BANG’s merged-channel, delivering licensed entertainment lifestyle merchandising access and services with full 24/7/365 transactional support to make the fans ‘personal engagement’ with BANG the most cost effective environment to shop in.


BANGapp represents the rapid elevation of all things mobile and global.

BANGapp with surely be the lead offering for those fans on the move or have an immediate impulse craving to see, capture and purchase all things entertainment. BANG sees the mobile component being the ‘millennial’ and “GenY” connection delivering all of BANGtv entertainment experience, becoming the lead shopping tool that put its easy-to-use merchandise ordering systems in the hands of millions of young, sophisticated users.

BANGapp is the ultimate tool for reaching its existing BANG fan fanatics customer base as well as its growing loyal user base that will also become very active engagement enthusiasts for BANGon as well.


BANGon sets the stage for worldwide fan interaction and relationship building as an amalgamated platform set under the BANG umbrella, creating a vast, virally expanding network and presentation upgrade to those fan fanatics that demand more and more every day. BANGon, designed to spawn a massive, intensely-loyal, global community…. evolving the consumer from engagement through conversion to evangelism that will…

  • Situate a multitude of fan club websites under the BANG umbrella
  • Offering interactive opportunities and benefits far exceeding those through existing fan sites
  • The future of online interaction, word-of-mouth and the power of many-to-many interactions
  • Inspiring communities to purchase and preach, with daily dialogue

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